ISO 9001 Certificate

Reflecting the course followed by ALBAREDA ENGINYERIA, and as a result of ongoing improvement, in 2006 we achieved certification under the ISO 9001 standard, and at present certification according to ISO 9001:2015, an achievement which ensures that all our services attain the defined objectives of quality, lead-times and conditions.

ALBAREDA ENGINYERIA provides services throughout the entire country within the industrial, commercial, services and construction sectors, to both private and public companies. In this work, we apply a Quality Management System based on:

  • Appropriate planning of the steps to be taken
  • Efficient management of processes and resources
  • Good working climate
  • In-service training of personnel
  • Compliance with the environmental and legal requirements of our clients
  • Feedback and technological innovation

Thereby allowing us to:

  • Anticipate the needs of our clients, providing flexibility, technical quality and environmentally sustainable proposals for the solutions offered, as well as personalised treatment to ensure client satisfaction
  • Improve the efficiency of the Management System processes
  • Reduce the environmental impact that our services and products might cause
  • Lend incentives for the reduction, reutilisation and recycling of consumables
  • Increase the professional prestige of the company, based on the recognition and confidence our clients place in us
Albareda Enginyeria  | Avinguda Barcelona, 48 4t 2ª | 08700 Igualada (Barcelona)

T. 93 803 25 84  | P. 93 805 48 13

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