Identification of the legal requirements

Access to a summary of the legal requirements that apply in your case

Find out about new regulations and gain access to the current legislation and legal requirements (es) applicable to your company concerning the environment, workplace hazards, safety of facilities and quality of products and services , since it has certification with EMAS, ISO 14.001, 9001 or OHSAS, and for the European Union, Spain, and any Autonomous Community (regional governments within Spain) or municipality.

Access the application

With this service you will obtain:

  • Initial identification and monitoring of the legislation and legal requirements that apply to your company.
  • Drawing up of the database that includes the legislation, legal requirements, plus three own-use fields for information about the evaluation.
  • Monthly receipt of news on legislation and legal requirements.
  • Monitoring of legal requirements: Word or Excel file with a table of legal requirements, and e-mail notifications diary for tasks needing attention and other regular tasks.
  • Potential for creating own profiles for notifications of invitations to apply for financial assistance, subsidies or any other aspect of interest.
  • Resolution of consultations about legislation and legal requirements.

Save time by accessing the requirements summaries already drawn up (only those applicable to you).
Contact us to request the documentation you need, and we will send you an e-mail with the access data.


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